Alondra Zermeño

Alondra Zermeño

Licensed Nutritionist

I am passionate about nutrition and I love what I do, I am thankful to have the opportunity to help people be happy leading a healthy lifestyle.
I am dedicated to personalized nutrition advice in my office located on Francisco Villa in Puerto Vallarta. I am here to guide you and give you support every step of the way during the process of change the most important issue is your health and my purpose is to contribute to you having a healthier lifestyle with greater productivity and better quality of life.
During the individual consultations an evaluation of your general health is done, we will analyze your current nutrition and eating habits, and will due an analysis to determine your body mass index as well as percentage of fat, size and weight, I will guide you towards balanced diet by designing an specific weight control plan for your specific needs and lifestyle, so that you can reach your goals in effective permanent manner.

Specialties and services:

  • Balanced Nutrition and Proper Eating.
  • Weight control: Loss or Gain.
  • Weight control.
  • Disorders related to eating habits.
  • Nutrition for sport athletes
  • Gastrointestinal Illnesses
Contact Info
MEX: 322-178-2993
USA (toll free): 1-(855)-221-1748
CAN (toll free): 1-(855)-421-8966
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