Increased Libido

At the age of 18 men hit their peak on testosterone and IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor – 1) production. By the age of 30 most men have considerably lower levels of testosterone and IGF-1 and it only goes down from here every year. Testosterone is what keeps you virile as a man and low levels result directly in decreased libido and sexual performance issues. IGF-1 is what HGH (Human Growth Hormone) produces in your body to help your cells regenerate. Lowered levels of IGF-1 also contribute to decreased libido and sexual performance issues. The medical specialists at the Transformation & Wellness Center can assist you with these issues. Some of the most common treatments are testosterone replacement therapy and Human Growth Hormone treatments.

increased libido medical service in puerto vallarta

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Stop taking little blue pills and such medicines and instead start a testosterone replacement therapy protocol. The first step is to do a blood analysis to see where your testosterone levels, cholesterol and triglyceride levels are at. All 3 of these factors weigh heavily on decreased libido. Once our physicians have reviewed your blood panel they will then prescribe you a dosage of Testosterone Cypionate or Testosterone Enathate that you can inject to bring your levels back up to your peak production. This will make you feel 27 again and re-invigorate your spirit. It is one of the most common prescriptions for men over 30 years old and is completely safe. Our physicians will write you a prescription for 3 months’ worth of testosterone and you can return home to the USA, Canada, UK or Australia with no issue.

Getting the prescription here in Mexico can save you tremendous amounts of money as testosterone cypionate and enathate typically cost over $100 per milliliter in the USA or Canada. We can get you the same product at a quarter of the cost. So buying in bulk will save you thousands of dollars and our physicians can make the prescription for a high end dosage which would last you 6 months if you chose the medium range dosage.

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