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diabetes type a and 2 medical service in puerto vallartaInmusys is a stem cell derived solution that is primarily used to treat auto-immune disorders, but has now been found to be extremely effective against Type 2 Diabetes and beneficial to a lower degree in regards to Type 1 Diabetes. This treatment is done by extracting 5ml of blood from the patient and then mixing it with the solution. The solution is shaken up and then re-injected into the patient in the belly fat. A bottle of the treatment lasts for 2 months when refrigerated. Inmusys works for Diabetes because it stimulates cell regeneration and growth. This allows cells in the blood to repair correctly and helps the patients insulin levels balance naturally.

diabetes type 1 and 3 medical service in puerto vallartaIs there a possibility with the body rejecting the treatment?

No. Since it is the cells of your own body, there is no risk of rejection. Accordingly, after a cell therapy should not be taken any immunosuppressive drugs.
An exception is autoimmune diseases (diabetes type 1) in which it may be convenient to help the effect of stem cell briefly by weakening the reaction of endogenous defense through cortisone.

What are the risks of therapy inmusys?
There are no proven risks because it uses your own cells. It is a harmless treatment if the operating instructions and aseptic procedure necessary for its application are followed.

How I can know if I am eligible to receive this treatment?
How I can know if I am eligible to receive this treatment?
Simply contact The Transformation & Wellness Center and our trained doctors will have you fill out an intake form to proceed.

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