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blood analysis diet medical service in puerto vallartaThe Transformation & Wellness Center offers the advanced service of blood analysis based diets. Traditional diets are guess work at best and usually generalized to help large segments of people. Our head Trainer Manuel Murillo is a Licensed Nutritionist with over 30 years of experience and a former professional body builder. His team of nutrition experts have realized from their many years of research and study that different foods affect individuals differently.

This is why they have adopted the policy of performing blood analysis on patients to see how their systems are functioning. From this baseline they can then customize a meal plan that will get the patients homeostasis at a perfect equilibrium for fat loss and muscle development. Factors such as the patient’s blood glucose levels and insulin levels play a huge part in how the body metabolizes different foods. With the blood analysis diet you will have a perfect plan to shed fat and build the body of your dreams. Your health
and vitality will hit new levels that you never thought possible.

blood inyection medical service in puerto vallartaBlood Analysis Diet


  • Take Blood Sample
  • Analyze in Lab
  • Nutritionist Team Reviews Results
  • Consultation with Nutrition Team
  • Detailed Diet Plan Given
  • Exercise Routine Given
  • Personal Trainer walks you through the exercise routine

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