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penile curvature medical service puerto vallartaUp to 0.4-9% of men in the world suffer from this condition.

There are two types of penile curvature, congenital and acquired.

The first is present since birth and is not associated to pain or fibrosis, the curvature is typically ventral and associated to penis with greater length than average.

Acquired curvature is associated to painful erections and progressive curvature in acute phase; posteriorly a penile fibrotic plaque may be palpable during the stable phase, and the curvature may be dorsal, ventral or lateral. There are several surgical techniques which are performed in an outpatient basis, with one day of hospitalization;

Every case is individual and the technique selection depends on penile length, grade of curvature, presence or absence of erectile dysfunction, kind of fibrotic plaque, and patient expectations.

Patients who are candidates for lengthening surgery and his penile curvature is associated to erectile dysfunction the best option is to correct the curvature plus a penile prosthesis implant in the same surgical time.

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